Tokyo Level 20 is the tenth and last level in Sensoji Temple (Asakusa) and the 20th in Tokyo. To pass this level, you need to clear 72 tiles and score at least 110,000 points in 37 moves or less.


  • 37 moves are not enough to clear all the tiles. Also, this level has a high target score.
  • Luckily, there are only 4 colours on the board. Therefore, cascades may help you to clear some tiles.


  • Clear the tiles on the right side of the board first. This may triggers cascades on the left side, thus clearing some tiles and earn you some large points.
  • Next, clear all the remaining tiles as usual and use the remaining moves to reach the target score if necessary. 

Level modes

Properties Modes
Architect Master Builder
Moves 33

Same as Intern

Score 320,000 points

Obstacles N/A
Difficulty Quite easy